The Eight Most Common Questions About Your Medical Advocate

March 10, 2023

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“My illness is not my fault, but my healing is my responsibility.” ~ Unknown

Medical Advocacy is a new addition to healthcare where one is accompanied to medical appointments. Through proper assistance and aid from a professional in the medical realm, there is the opportunity for greater peace.

Having someone beside you asking the right questions and taking notes makes one feel at ease.

Rather than worrying if everything was covered in a 15-minute appointment, Your Medical Advocate is there to relieve the pressure and stress. They do the heavy lifting while you can sit back and freely express what is top of mind.

When it comes to Your Medical Advocate, we receive many questions. We have chosen to write an article containing the eight most common questions about Your Medical Advocate. They are as follows:

  1. What is Medical Advocacy?
  2. Is Medical Advocacy right for me/my loved one?
  3. What does an appointment with Your Medical Advocate look like?
  4. Does Insurance cover your Medical Advocate?
  5. How much does Your Medical Advocate cost?
  6. Are medical records kept confidential?
  7. What happens after a medical appointment?
  8. How do I know I can trust Your Medical Advocate’s registered nurses?

The Eight Most Common Questions About Your Medical Advocate

1. What is Medical Advocacy?

Medical advocacy is similar to patient advocacy.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH), a patient advocate is “A person who helps guide a patient through the healthcare system. This includes help through the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of a medical condition, such as cancer. A patient advocate helps patients communicate with their healthcare providers so they get the information they need to make decisions about their healthcare. Patient advocates may also help patients set up appointments for doctor visits and medical tests.”

YourMA’s medical advocacy strictly pertains to medical appointments, does not get involved with financial or legal affairs, and does not work with insurance companies.

2. Is Medical Advocacy right for me/my loved one?

Medical advocacy is suitable for anyone consisting of the following needs/attention:

  • Difficulty understanding doctor appointments
  • Not feeling heard during doctor appointments
  • Feeling intimidated meeting with a doctor
  • Unsure of the questions to ask the doctor
  • Confused about the next steps after each appointment
  • Feeling like information relayed from the doctor’s office or loved one is unclear
  • Having difficulty driving and finding time to get to appointments
  • Feeling stressed going to appointments
  • Confused with how to navigate the health care system
  • Angry, frustrated, or annoyed at not feeling heard during appointments

3. What does an appointment with Your Medical Advocate look like?

Using Your Medical Advocate can be understood in five simple steps. They are as follows:

First, download the “YourMA” app.

Second, once your profile is verified in the app, you will be connected with one of our registered nurses.

Third, your registered nurse will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Fourth, your registered nurse will pick you up in a clean vehicle and transport you to your appointment.

Fifth, your registered nurse will accompany you to the appointment, ask questions to the doctor on your behalf, and record the appointment on our YourMA app (which will be shared with your profile in the app).

After completing this, your registered nurse will work with you to schedule a convenient time for your next appointment.

4. Does Insurance cover your Medical Advocate?

Since Your Medical Advocate is an innovative service in health care, it is currently not covered by insurance.

We are strictly private pay.

5. How much does Your Medical Advocate cost?

Since Your Medical Advocate is a premium service comprising the highest form of medical advocates (registered nurses), we are private pay.

Our pricing is split up into three segments. They are as follows:

Transportation - $49.99/hr.

Our registered nurses transport you safely to and from your medical appointments or wherever you want to go in a clean vehicle.

Medical Advocacy (includes Transportation) - $89.99/hr.

Our registered nurses act as your medical advocate. They ask appropriate questions on your behalf within each medical appointment.

Having someone who advocates on your behalf and whom you can trust will bring greater peace going into and coming out of appointments, provide clear communication and clarity, and equip you to understand each appointment and the next steps.

Flight Advocacy (Varied, but $1,000+)

The cost of flight advocacy is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Distance of travel
  • Number of days one needs the medical advocate
  • Hours
  • Additional expenses (ex: food, hotel, etc.)

A specific quote for this service can be given once information is gathered. Expect it to be four figures.

6. Are medical records kept confidential?

All medical records are stored on our safe and secure app. They are kept confidential between YourMA, the client’s medical advocate, and the client.

If the client desires to share the information with a family member within the app, that must be acknowledged by the client before YourMA shares records with additional family.

7. What happens after a medical appointment?

After a medical appointment, notes are shared within the app with the client. Your Medical Advocate then schedules the next appointment with you, and you will be contacted via a brief follow-up about a rating of how your appointment went with your registered nurse.

If there were complications or the nurse was not a good fit, Your Medical Advocate takes the time to schedule you with a different registered nurse.

With our screening of registered nurses, we strive to ensure that all registered nurses are a good fit for our clients. Though outliers may occur, we are prepared for such events.

8. How do I know I can trust Your Medical Advocate’s registered nurses?

Your Medical Advocate’s registered nurses can be trusted due to the following reasons:

  • Registered nurses go through a series of interviews before being onboarded.
  • Registered nurses have background checks done to ensure the safety of clients.
  • Registered nurses are screened to ensure their license is up to date and licensed to serve within the state where they work.

Your Next Steps in Your Medical Advocate Journey

Having these eight questions answered, we encourage you in the following two ways.

First, download our YourMA app to start Your Medical Advocate journey.

For further questions and insight, we encourage you to read the following articles from our learning center:

Lance VanTine

Founder & CEO