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“At the age of twelve, I had lost my grandmother to cancer. It was a devastating time for me, as my grandmother was my best friend. My grandfather moved in with my family for the next year before his passing. At the time, my father was working 3rd shift as a Medical Technologist, and my mother was a Kindergarten teacher. During this phase of my life, I remember how stressful it was for my mom to try and find time off work, in order to take my grandfather to his appointments (Since he was unable to drive himself).

As my mother and grandfather would come home after the appointment, they would converse with my father. The ability for them to accurately reiterate and remember all that was said in the appointment was not efficient. Knowing the widespread stress of trying to find time off work and the fear of not remembering doctor appointments amongst many patients and families in the United States, something had to be done.”

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Simplifying Senior Healthcare

We advocate for patients and their families, provide peace going in and out of each appointment, clarify the next steps after each appointment, reduce readmission to hospitals, and provide clear communication between all parties involved in a medical appointment.

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Through our all-inclusive app, easily find a registered nurse local to you and schedule your first appointment.

Navigate Appointments

Navigate medical appointments with ease alongside a certified registered nurse who will assist with note-taking, recapping outcomes, and providing clarity.

Achieve Clarity & Peace

Never be confused about your appointment outcomes again. If you have a question, simply chat with your registered nurse who will be available to assist.


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Take the first step towards better healthcare by downloading our easy to use and stress-free app.


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Easily schedule appointments with your registered nurse right through our app.


Advocacy Accomplished

Your registered nurse will guide you through your appointments, answer your questions, and ensure that you are up to date & receive the best care.

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We Understand Your Frustration with Medical Appointments

Say goodbye to confusion and frustration with the healthcare system. Get the support you need with our medical advocacy service. Our team of registered nurses will ensure you receive clear and effective medical care. Download our app now and take control of your health.

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The YourMA Difference

We exist to empower patients and families with understanding medical appointments.

Our services are meant to give you clarity within doctor appointments and reduce the day-to-day stresses of wondering if you or your loved one understood the doctor's instructions.

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