A Review of Your Medical Advocate – Pros & Cons

March 17, 2023

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A Review of Your Medical Advocate – Pros and Cons

Few medical advocacy services provide registered nurses to accompany clients to their doctor appointments – asking the doctor's questions on the client's behalf, recording each appointment, and uploading it to a shared document within an app.

At Your Medical Advocate, we pride ourselves in many areas, but we also understand that our company has some cons.

Here is an honest review of our company - the pros and cons and what you can expect when using our service.

We hope this provides help and assistance in your decision to choose the exemplary medical advocacy service.

Let’s begin!

The Pros of Your Medical Advocate

1. Highest Form of Medical Advocate (Registered Nurse)

Out of all medical advocacy services (with few to begin with), Your Medical Advocate provides the highest form of medical advocates – registered nurses.

Our registered nurses have at least 5+ years of experience in the healthcare realm. Some of our registered nurses have their Masters.

Registered nurses are in high demand, and we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest level of an advocate to accompany you to your doctor appointments.

2. Technology Platform

Here at Your Medical Advocate, we have our own app. This app connects registered nurses with clients.

We also provide an in-house, safe-and-secure platform with the app for our medical advocates to document appointments and share them with clients.

3. Flexibility

We are an agile business and are flexible in building our business.

We listen to our client’s feedback and make appropriate adjustments. Whether constructive criticism or encouragement, we take what is said to heart and are willing to improve our services, experience, and platform for all individuals.

4. Flight Advocacy Included

Need to travel across the state to move into independent living or to see a specialist? We have you covered.

We provide not only medical advocacy but also flight advocacy.

Our flight advocacy program includes the following:

  • Hotel stay of separate rooms for patients and registered nurse
  • Multiple day expenses
  • Meals
  • Flight tickets
  • Service to book tickets

Clients are accompanied by a registered nurse when using our flight advocacy service.

5. Ability to Share Profiles & Information with Family

Our platform allows you to share your profile and information with your family.

You are never obligated to share information; all documentation is kept confidential (unless otherwise expressed or desiring to share that information with adult children or trusted third parties).

The Cons of Your Medical Advocate

1. Relatively New Service

We are a relatively new service. As with any new service, there will be aspects to address and fix.

We recognize that there can always be improvements. We are always willing to hear what our clients have to say.

If changes need to occur or aspects of Your Medical Advocate need to improve, we listen with an open ear. We are willing to make the appropriate changes, and upgrades to meet the needs of our clients, registered nurses, and partners.

2. Limited Locations

Currently, our services are operating in select cities within Michigan and Florida.

As we expand throughout the United States, our services will become more accessible.

Do you need a medical advocate in your area? Download the app and express the location you live.

If our services are not currently provided in that city or state, we will begin recruiting and hiring near your area to provide you with a medical advocate nearby.

3. Not Covered By Insurance

We are not covered by insurance, as medical advocacy is still a newer service in the healthcare realm. Due to this, we are private pay.

Our services and prices are as follows:

  • Medical Advocacy & Transportation = $89.99/hr.
  • Transportation = $49.99/hr.
  • Flight Advocacy = Dependent upon multiple factors, but expect to pay four figures.

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Your Medical Advocate has the registered nurses to help you provide clarity and understanding in your doctor appointments through our empathetic and professional approach.

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Lance VanTine

Founder & CEO