What Does Your Medical Advocate Cost?

March 17, 2023

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What Does Your Medical Advocate Cost?

Your Medical Advocate allows registered nurses to transport, note-take, and advocate for patients during medical appointments.

The cost of our services varies, depending upon whether you are a client or a desired partner and what services you want to invest in.

We will review the cost of our various services below!

The Cost of Your Medical Advocate for Clients

1. Medical Advocacy & Transportation

Our medical advocacy and transportation service costs $89.99/hr. This service includes the following:

  • A registered nurse
  • RN going to doctor's appointment
  • RN asking questions to the doctor
  • RN recording the appointment within the YourMA app
  • Ability to share appointment notes with additional parties/family members
  • Transportation to and from the appointment

2. Transportation

For just transportation, it is $49.99/hr.

For just transportation, our registered nurses will transport you safely to and from your medical appointments or wherever you would like to go in a clean vehicle.

3. Flight Advocacy

Our registered nurses will fly to and from your destination for our Flight Advocacy service. They will make sure you get there safely and on time.

This service can include:

  • Hotel stay of separate rooms for the patient and registered nurse
  • Multiple day expenses
  • Meals
  • Flight tickets
  • Service to book tickets

The cost of flight advocacy is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Distance of travel
  • Number of days one needs the medical advocate
  • Hours
  • Additional expenses (ex: food, hotel, etc.)

A quote for this service can be given explicitly once information is gathered. Expect it to be four figures.

The Cost of Your Medical Advocate for Partnerships

Your Medical Advocate provides the ability to partner with other companies.

Though our partnerships can involve personal injury law attorneys and assisted and independent living facilities, our main partnership program involves memory care units.

Memory Care Units

On a contractor basis, we work alongside memory care units for an annual price of $49,999/yr. This price includes the following:

  • Multiple registered nurses to transport, note-take, and advocate for memory care patients.
  • Profile accessibility on our safe and secure app. 
  • Recorded information of appointments by a registered nurse on our YourMA app on questions asked and next steps.
  • Appointment notes are shared and seen between memory care staff, patients, and family members.
  • Up to 200 offsite doctor appointments.

Memory Care units are essential and the epitome of care and support for families.

​Your Medical Advocate is a high-value service that promotes the values of Memory Care units and their compassionate, caring approach to families and patients.

​We are excited to partner with and provide services that improve care for patients and their satisfaction while keeping families informed through our on-demand platform.

Partner with Your Medical Advocate & Make Medical Advocacy Your Competitive Advantage

Now that we have reviewed the cost of our services and what is included with each realm of service, we would encourage you to read the following articles:

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Lance VanTine

Founder & CEO