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Our app lets you create a personal profile and access your health data. You can view your appointment details and notes, and communicate directly with your assigned registered nurse who is your medical advocate. They will record all necessary information and submit the notes after each appointment, giving you peace of mind.


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Medical information can only be shared between the registered nurse, the patient, and Your Medical Advocate staff through the HIPAA compliant app. Others who want to see the health care and medical appointments of the client or loved one must obtain permission from the client. Completing your profile allows for you to be matched with the right registered nurse in your area.


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By utilizing the Your Medical Advocate services and app, you will feel at peace knowing that all medical appointments, no matter the physician or hospital, are being clearly tracked, recorded, and translated into easy-to-understand terminology. Even better - it is all in one place for you, your loved ones, and your care team.


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Connect yourself and family members through profiles made within the app. Have access to documented appointments done by your personal registered nurse. Connect with your registered nurse for next and upcoming appointments. Keep track of your health and appointments from different doctors and hospitals.

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